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  1. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about bab-y-nice work!

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  5. My favourite thing is the family time made even more special by the spread of mooncakes and chinese tea on the table. Yummy food and family warmth…perfect!

  6. Ã… – Anne fra Bjørkely! Katizi!Tiriltoppen og Polyanna og…men jeg leste alt pÃ¥ barnebiblo sÃ¥…:-) Katizi var spennende, eksotisk og trist syns jeg Ã¥ huske. Terje Vigen derimot har gÃ¥tt meg hus forbi (notere pÃ¥ lista).

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  8. Ramiel: « Vécurent entre autres », j’erratum aussi, c’est quand même plus distingué que de simplement corriger.

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