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NFPA 1936 – What it means to you.

JUST THE FACTS! Did you know that NFPA not only makes your tools safer, but can actually help you decide which rescue tool brand outperforms the rest? This is just one of the many facts about NFPA that a lot of Fire Departments overlook. This and other truths, are listed below to bring you up to speed on NFPA compliancy and ratings quickly.  


- One of the...
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BORON Capable Rescue Tools


Boron Steel

The largest foreseeable hurdle in extrication for the next several years will be the auto industry’s increased use of High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA), and Ultra High Strength Steel(UHSS/Boron), Dwayne Bales University of Illinois School of Fire Science. These exotic metals present a serious problem for most hydraulic cutters on the market today. Here at Genesis,we have recognized the urgent critical need for more powerful cutters and...
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COVID-19 Status

These are trying times. For those of you whose families have been touched by sickness or loss due to the coronavirus, our hearts go out to you. Amidst the uncertainty, we want to assure you that the Genesis team is here to support you, answer your questions, and keep you updated as the situation changes. We remain open and responsive to your calls and emails; however,...
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White Letter

Auto X, Extrication, Jaws, Hydraulic Rescue Tools, Cutters, Spreaders

Genesis Rescue Systems offers rescue personnel, military, and first responders full product lines of both battery hydraulics and conventional hydraulic systems. The eForce battery hydraulic offers users the ability to use commercially available Milwaukee Tool 28 volt battery.

All of Genesis Rescue Systems equipment is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Dayton, Ohio. This certification is...

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