C165 Cutter

The C165 is the smallest cutter in the Genesis cutter line up. This is a very capable cutter and when paired with the Mach III Outlaw OSC™ fast, strong, and lightweight.

  • Part Number: ART.593.207.6



The push button control allows for greater safety to the operator by being able to control the tool with only one finger if need be. This gives the user the ability to keep appendages safe while still having total control over the tool. Traditional twist style controllers require that the operator’s entire hand is gripped tightly on the tool, and this puts that hand in danger of being crushed between the surface and tool with no way to release the power of the tool, effectively trapping the appendage.

The Genesis push button control is a variable speed controller. Lightly depressing the button will feather the speed at which the tool open and closes. The more you depress the button the faster the tool will operate.