M1X OSC™ / Standard Coupling

The M1X is available in multiple variations. Choose your coupler from either Flat-Face, Standard, or One Step Coupler™ . Then choose your power plant Gas, Electric (110V or 220V)

M1X Electric 110V Shown

  • Part Number: Multiple Depends on variations


ART.593.197.5 M1X Mini  Pump Honda
ART.593.292.0 M1X Mini Pump Electric (220V)
ART.593.265.3 M1X Mini Pump Electric (110V)
ART.593.511.3 M1X Mini Pump Honda OSC™
ART.593.513.1 M1X Mini Pump Electric OSC™ (220V)
ART.593.512.1 M1X Mini Pump Electric OSC™ (110V)


The M1X Mini Pump from Genesis offers high performance in a compact package. The M1X Mini Pump is the answer to our customers’ demand for a quiet running, high performance, compact power unit. The high efficiency hydraulic pump provides high fluid flow to the tools allowing them to operate quickly. The design of the M1X allows for connection of two tools with alternate operation.