Mach III Outlaw OSC™

The Mach III Outlaw is available in multiple variations. Choose your coupler from either Flat-Face, Standard, or One Step Coupler™ . Then choose your power plant Gas, Electric, or PTO.

Mach III Outlaw Honda OSC™ Shown

  • Part Number: Multiple Dependent on Configuration


ART.593.508.1 Mach III Outlaw Honda 6.5 OSC™
ART.593.509.1P Mach III Outlaw PTO  OSC™ (IHT Ready)
ART.593.508.1E Mach III Outlaw Electric OSC™
ART.593.338.2 Mach III Outlaw Honda 6.5 Standard
ART.593.338.2P Mach III Outlaw PTO Standard
ART.593.338.2E Mach III Outlaw Electric Standard
Mach III Series

What is so special about the Mach III Mini Simo, and the Mach III Outlaw? They are the premier power units for all Genesis Rescue Tools, and they can power two tools simultaneously or one rescue tool in Overdrive. The patented Overdrive mode allows 100% of the flow from the two internal pumps to be directed to the tool. This allows the rescue tool to operate twice as fast resulting in quicker spreading and cutting operations. With manpower becoming more limited at the extrication scene simultaneous operation of two tools may not be possible. The Overdrive feature will allow rescuers the option to operate the tools in overdrive still improving the overall time to extricate. The Mach III Mini Simo and Outlaw pumps are NFPA compliant and can be used with all Genesis Rescue Tools.

More Speed

Time is of the essence in all extrication operations. That is why the Genesis line of simultaneous pumps gives rescue personnel the ability to switch all the flow to one tool, thereby doubling the speed at which that tool operates. This gives the operator the critical seconds when needed. We say “when needed” because with the Genesis push button control, you can still slow all the extra speed down to a crawl when delicate situations require it . . .